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01 Oct

18 Ways to Put the Honeymoon Magic Back in Your Marriage

A happy bedtime is the best way to put that honeymoon magic back into your marriage. Many women don’t realize that their bedtime habits can make their husbands lose interest in them. These are “never do at bedtime” tips for wives who want to keep the magic in their marriage: 1. Get into bed with [...]

15 Jul

Top Signs Your Mate Loves Children

Women, by nature, love children. They love to hold and cuddle kids, and say soothing words for them. There is no question that women, especially mothers, give children due love and protection. It is their inherent biological and physiological role. But how about men? There had been cases of guys having strong and intense dislike [...]

12 Jul

Support System for Your Marriage

The whole institution of marriage is in a state of evolution and change. The roles of husband and wife lack the definition they had only two generations ago, and the benefits you hope to find from relationships are completely upside down compared to earlier times. And unlike your parents and grandparents, you do not feel [...]

08 Jul

10 Ways to Improve Your Mate’s Self-Esteem

The intimacy of marriage inevitably shows one a hidden side of your partner – zits and all. Doing something to help and improve each other is a sign of loving concern and commitment. Research shows that people with a positive self-concept are more at peace with themselves and those around them – including their marriage [...]

04 Jul

7 Most Common Complaints about Men

With the extra insight from understanding how our brains are different, women can begin to understand the answers to their biggest questions about men. Here are the 7 most common complaints expressed by women about men: When he is upset, he will not talk – It is not necessarily a fear of intimacy that causes [...]

01 Jul

How Men’s and Women’s Brains Differ

A multitude of recent scientific studies clearly indicate many differences between men’s and women’s brains as well as in the way they use them. While these studies do show differences, it is still too soon for scientists to know exactly what these differences mean. In general, however, it can be said that women tend to [...]