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06 Sep

Filipina Women in America: Make Friends

Human beings are social animal. They can’t live alone. Every human needs someone to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings. The people who claim to be happy being alone, they actually lie to themselves. In case you are a person who is alone and there is nobody to share your feelings around you, then you [...]

11 Jul

How to Be Honest Tactfully With Your Best Friend

Close friendships between women can, in their way, be just as passionate and all-consuming as a marriage, and evoke equally intense emotions such as jealousy, rage, anger, love and hate. Just as in a marriage, there are critical milestones. The five major stress-points are: Change of circumstances: one of you gets divorced, remarries or has [...]

30 Jun

Should You Always Be Honest With Your Best Friend?

There are hundreds of occasions when your best friend asks for your honest opinion. She’ll want to know whether you like her new hairstyle, or whether you think she’s put on weight. Most of the time, you can easily gauge exactly how honest she wants you to be. She probably already knows that the red [...]