20 Jul

Swinging in Melbourne

Couples all over the world are seeking out new ways of livening things up in the bedroom, whether in their own or someone else’s, and Melbourne is no exception. The swinging scene officially made its debut in 1970s America and, after laying low for the past three decades or so, has reemerged with a vengeance in Australia, and beautiful Melbourne is host to some of the hottest, most erotic swingers clubs. With its burgeoning number of members and ever expanding clubs and websites, it’s no wonder Melbourne is now known as the Swinging Capital of Australia.

Numerous clubs in the area organize around 15 swingers events per month in Melbourne. Attunga Parties is a very highly rated swingers club in Melbourne. It’s known for its friendly and open scene that often turns wild once the crowd relaxes. The Couples Club is another of the City’s clubs whose mission is to make virtually every sexual fantasy become a reality. This club participates in everything from fancy dress parties to all-out, jaw dropping gangbangs. Another of Melbourne’s famed swingers clubs is Westend Swingers, which is located right in the heart of the city. This is a top notch club that attracts both young and mature clientele, and is famed for its intense and exciting parties, both at the club’s site and in the western suburbs. Couples and single women are always welcome, but single men are not.

But organized clubs aren’t the only source of hot swingers action. Rumors abound regarding events and parties held in the suburbs, including Ringwood and Mount Martha, but verifiable numbers and facts are difficult to come by. And of course the Internet remains a reliable and accessible means of finding swinging playmates, especially for newbies to the scene who prefer to do a little research and careful hunting before diving into an actual encounter. In any case, it’s likely Melbourne will remain Australia’s largest base for the adventurous partner swapping scene.

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