05 Oct

8 Ways to Turn Off an Annoying Admirer

Just bear in mind that the persistent suitor is like a persistent peddler because he has something to sell — himself. If you want to buy, then there is no problem. But if you don’t want to buy, sending him away could be trying.

1. Limit the phone calls. When he, calls, don’t encourage him to talk long. Tell him that you are too busy to indulge in idle talk. If he wants to say something which may be important to him, listen politely but do not ask him for details. That way he knows that you are only trying to be polite.

Use monosyllabic answers when he starts talking. And if he has nothing else to say that is quite interesting to you tell him that you want to do something else. Then say your goodbye and hang up.

2. Never be left alone with hint. When he comes to visit you at home, be sure that your parents are there. Make your parents’ favorite reading matters available and within arms’ reach. That way they shall be encouraged to stay with you when your suitor comes.

Entertain your parents first. If they do not feel like reading, turn on the TV set and watch their favorite program with them. Or else, talk with them and tell them all about your day and ask them all about theirs. By this you will surely make your suitor feel taken for granted that he will ask for an excuse to leave. Graciously show him the way out.

3. Projection of the strict image. Ask your father beforehand to ask him questions the way an investigator or detective does. Clue your father what to ask: educational attainment, family background, economic status, link to high society, and that sort of thing.

That way he gets the impression that your father is very strict and is concerned deeply with your welfare. Tell your father to project a “you’re-not-one-of-us-attitude”.

4. Never go out alone with him. If in case you go out dating with this suitor, never go out alone. This guy who seems angelic at first could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

5. Show him you’re “biased.” During your dates or regular strolls with friends, point out to him things you’d like to acquire, telling him: “buy us this” or “buy us that.” Whether he buys them for you and your friends or not, it does not really matter. Enough that you’ve shown him you are “biased.”

6. Make him feel left out. Whenever you attend parties with this persistent suitor, make him feel left out. Go to your girl friends and chat with them for hours. When you glance at his – direction and you notice him frowning, go to him and tell him that you are with your friends. Ask him to get drinks for you. When he does, try very hard not to return to your seat. That way he will have to finish the drinks all by himself. When the host sees him do so, it could be quite humiliating for him.

7. Attend to your male friends. When you see your male friends at the party, see to it that you can keep a long conversation. When your persistent suitor sees you having a grand time with them perhaps he will get the message.

In attending to the other guys, however, try not to be a bore. You might monopolize the conversation and it is very embarrassing for you if they start to leave you one by one. Just see to it that you can participate in their conversation so that your suitor will see you enjoying their company.

8. The ultimate way: behave like a tomboy. If after such an incident at the party, he still will come and visit you, put on a boyish act. Behave like a tomboy.

If you can, ask a girl friend to be your date and go out with regularity. When your suitor sees you dating a girl, it will definitely turn him off.

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