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15 Oct

eHarmony Online Dating Site

With the advancement in technology, you can now find a date for yourself easily just at a click. With the boom of new trends of finding an eligible single online, many websites are springing up and attracting people towards them. With so many free dating websites available, one may get confused as to which one […]

10 Oct

Do You Really Want to Have A Mistress?

A Joker once said: “If you mispronounce mistress as mattress, you are not far off.” So you want to have a mistress. Why not? It seems to be the trend — a sort of status symbol. However, you must: a) be crazy, b) be prepared to spend a lot of money and c) suffer its […]

08 Oct

Can You Still Forgive Him?

He hurt me and I hate him!” Such an empathic utterance when your partner has done you wrong. When a person close to you did something that has hurt your feelings, too often you find yourselves unable to trust him again, especially in the case of man-woman relationships. Somehow, we feel betrayed and although the […]

05 Oct

8 Ways to Turn Off an Annoying Admirer

Just bear in mind that the persistent suitor is like a persistent peddler because he has something to sell — himself. If you want to buy, then there is no problem. But if you don’t want to buy, sending him away could be trying. 1. Limit the phone calls. When he, calls, don’t encourage him […]

03 Oct

What to Do If You Are Intimidated By Her

If you’re one of these guys who think that being a second fiddle to their partners is like a curse that would forever impair their existence, better think again. There’s more to life than proving you’re always better than your woman. The truth is, in many instances, the exciting part of living in this world […]

01 Oct

18 Ways to Put the Honeymoon Magic Back in Your Marriage

A happy bedtime is the best way to put that honeymoon magic back into your marriage. Many women don’t realize that their bedtime habits can make their husbands lose interest in them. These are “never do at bedtime” tips for wives who want to keep the magic in their marriage: 1. Get into bed with […]