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15 Jul

Top Signs Your Mate Loves Children

Women, by nature, love children. They love to hold and cuddle kids, and say soothing words for them. There is no question that women, especially mothers, give children due love and protection. It is their inherent biological and physiological role. But how about men? There had been cases of guys having strong and intense dislike […]

14 Jul

Tips to Have Romantic Date at Home

With the right plan and some imagination it is not hard to turn a simple home date with your partner into something special and out of the ordinary. Below are a few tips for boosting up a home date. Have a Karaoke Night Put on some costumes and perform some songs, together or alone? Although […]

12 Jul

Support System for Your Marriage

The whole institution of marriage is in a state of evolution and change. The roles of husband and wife lack the definition they had only two generations ago, and the benefits you hope to find from relationships are completely upside down compared to earlier times. And unlike your parents and grandparents, you do not feel […]

11 Jul

How to Be Honest Tactfully With Your Best Friend

Close friendships between women can, in their way, be just as passionate and all-consuming as a marriage, and evoke equally intense emotions such as jealousy, rage, anger, love and hate. Just as in a marriage, there are critical milestones. The five major stress-points are: Change of circumstances: one of you gets divorced, remarries or has […]

10 Jul

Ten Tips to Successfully Date and Seduce Single Women

1. When you are on a date, never but never have a quick look or flirt with other woman as it is highly bad-mannered and shows a total lack of respect. Not to mention that it is humiliating to a woman, and you are offending her, particularly if she has feelings for you. 2. Be […]

08 Jul

10 Ways to Improve Your Mate’s Self-Esteem

The intimacy of marriage inevitably shows one a hidden side of your partner – zits and all. Doing something to help and improve each other is a sign of loving concern and commitment. Research shows that people with a positive self-concept are more at peace with themselves and those around them – including their marriage […]

07 Jul

Advice on Meeting Guys over the Net for Adolescent Girls

Today, as it has become very popular to date over the Internet a lot of adolescent girls are dating and meeting guys over the internet via different dating websites. In the same it is common for adolescent girls to find themselves in complicated circumstances knowing too little about it. They are more into online dating […]

06 Jul

Do You Have Commitment Phobia?

Two months after Jenny and Sam started living together; Jenny decided to take up Japanese and tennis. She was harried – what with Tuesday and Thursday nights at the language school, Wednesday and Friday nights at the courts – but she was happy. Sam was not. “I never see you,” he said. “But these are […]

05 Jul

Charming talks with your girlfriend

The old clichés just don’t have the anticipated results with your girlfriend. Today, An undemanding “I love you” is by far insufficient to prove your affection for the woman that you really care for. These words become worn out and sound like real clichés. Men in general are fairly skilled at smooth-talk, although the usual […]

04 Jul

7 Most Common Complaints about Men

With the extra insight from understanding how our brains are different, women can begin to understand the answers to their biggest questions about men. Here are the 7 most common complaints expressed by women about men: When he is upset, he will not talk – It is not necessarily a fear of intimacy that causes […]